Monday, 23 August 2010

New-old find: Cherry Red Dr Martens

My little neglected blog, what will become of you if I keep on leaving you un-updated for several weeks in a row like this? Bad Giulia. Psssht.

Nothing much happened in my life, nor in my closet, but the end of summer. Friday morning I'll be leaving the 33°C of Padova for the 17°C of Louvain-la-Neuve, and even though I am craving for Belgium, I cannot honestly say I am happy - or mentally prepared - to leave Italy and summer and warmth and sun.

I am trying to find the comfort in what are apparently little, irrelevant things, such as... my old red Docs, that I thought I had lost and my mom found back in a dusty box I don't know precisely where. Yay! They're in a pretty good shape, too.

I'm in a Dr Martens' mood now :)


  1. I like Docs with floral print <3

  2. Ciao Giulia, sono Terry Cacciapaglia una studentessa di giurisprudenza.Ho visto il tuo blog,complimenti è molto carino.Io sto per venire a Louvain la Neuve per un Erasmus di sei mesi.Sono in cerca di una stanza, hai qualche consiglio da darmi?
    Ti lascio la mia mail.
    A resto Terry.