Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Do it in Paris # 5 : ComicCon & Japan Expo!

This weekend I embraced the nerd side of life. Full force.
I know I may not look like one (or do I?), but I am a super nerd. I have my very own World of Warcraft PG, a level 75 Blood Elf (75 because I still have a life outside Azeroth), my super manga collection (which is waiting for me in Italy, scans will do for the moment), I am a diehard fan of all things Oblivion-Assassin's Creed-KOTOR AND I can name all Naruto characters without hesitation.

The kind of things I should put on my CV.

So this weekend we fought the urge to stay in bed and headed to the magic world of Paris Nord Parc des Expositions and headed to ComicCon France and JapanExpo. Who? Le boyfriend and me, basically. My friends were not as enthusiastic as I thought they would be. I should change friends :D

Things I did:

- Befriended evil Akatsuki members (if you understand this, you're a nerd)

- Seen cool One Piece stuff
- Random cool stuff

- Quentin had fun, too
And to top it off...

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  1. Hahaha how cool! I would have loved to be there :)