Sunday, 18 September 2011

Afternoon in Prato della Valle ♥

Brandy&Melville skirt, Primark t-shirt, Primark loafers, vintage sunglasses, H&M necklace, Primark ring

.I'm in Italy, recovering from some 9 months of stress and hard work. I am enjoying the sun and the fine weather I did not get to have in France nor in Belgium. It was awkward arriving in Venice with a woolen pull, when everyone here was super tanned and sporting shorts and tank tops! I've been here for the past week, and Quentin will arrive tonight.
.I managed to see my friend Filippo and my BFF, Federica, with whom I spent the day shopping, chatting and having fun downtown in Padova yesterday. Isn't she a cutie? It makes me sad that since I left home we have so few occasions to meet, so we try to make the most of our time together, and we talk for hours every day (thank you web 2.0!)! This makes the distance much more bearable :)


  1. Che belle foto e che bel sole! Si vede che tu e la tua amica siete molto unite nonostante la distanze, che dolcezze <3