Sunday, 19 June 2011

Do it in Paris #4: L'à priori thé - Galerie Vivienne

.Yesterday it was raining, a lot. Then for about five minutes it would get incredibly hot and sunny, and then it would rain again. Staying at home was out of the question, and that's where the little wonders of Paris come to the rescue.
.You see, near Bourse (Métro Bourse that is), there is this lovely 19th century gallery, called galerie Vivienne. It is heaven. Or something very close to that :)
.Here you will find, in addition to an idyllic, picturesque architecture, one of the best (and, currently, my favorite) salons de thé in the whole of Paris: L'à priori thé (got it? :D). It is renowned for its scones, for its scented teas, and generally for its home made exquisite patisserie. It is quiet, lovely, charming, just like the waitresses (who make the perfect portrait of the Parisian girl stereotype in my head), and, a rare thing in this city, no one is jumping on you as soon as you finished your plate practically asking you to leave and make room. This is a temple of quiet and tranquility, an ideal rainy Saturday afternoon's abode, that reminded me a lot of my beloved A.M. Sweet in Bruxelles. And the scones (home made and served warm) are to die for.
.I went there with le boyfriend (who else), and we shared a two-scones plate, served with their cream and home made marmalades in a lovely tea service (7E) and a teapot of green tea "Cerisier de chine avec petales de rose rouge" (5,50E for about two cups each). As the Francophones say, une tuerie.
.With your newly found zen, take a stroll in the gallery; you will finde a bouquiniste (a second hand book shop which the bookwarm in me adored), and fashion designers, home decor, alternative toy shops, art galleries... yes, all things cool and branchées.

Le A priori thé is at 35, Passage Vivienne, and the closest subway station is Bourse.


  1. Yummy!!!Scones, jam, cream and a cup of tea. In perfetto stile British :)
    Well done!
    Hey, ma sbaglio o sei super-abbronzata?

  2. Everything looks beautiful and yummy :D

  3. Ti seguo anch'io :) comunque con i colori pastello è ancora più bello l'effetto! Io avrei preferito come le tue solo che non ho molti smalti di colori tenui :(

  4. che belle foto! ti seguo se vuoi ricambia :)

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