Thursday, 9 June 2011

To do #1


1. Pack for Italy. I'm off to Padova for the weekend, thought it would be nice to remind my family they have a daughter :) Oh and the weather apparently sucks. So much for my summer holiday in Italy...

2. Work on my dissertation. 15 000 words to go. 15 000 words due in July. Do I really need this Master's? I could just drop out and be a ninja.

3. Plan our London trip. It's been way too much since the last time I've seen my friend Goldie, who lives there with her boyfriend and their two lovely children ♥

4. Find the strength to get my sorry ass to the dentist.

5. Go have my hair cut. I've been meaning to go for ages, but now that my hair looks more and more like an haystack I have no excuse. Does anyone know how  we say 'layering' in French? My francophone boyfriend is clueless as to anything girl-related (I had to teach him the word "d√©bardeur"...)

6. Update my CV. I'm almost done with my internship & Master's, so yeah... I only have to figure out what COUNTRY I want to live in. (I'm a showoff)

7. Tan. That'd be nice, as my skin is now an high-impact mozzarella-gone-bad shade.

8. Vote. Italians are called to express their opinion on issues concerning privatisation of watrer services, a return to nuclear energy and criminal procedure. Many of my Italian friends abroad are headed back home just to vote. Yeah, it's THAT big a deal.


9. Meet my BFFs ♥

10. When in Italy, eat till I drop.

And I could go on and on and on and on.


  1. I envy you, I'd like to have to do the same!

  2. Haha, pure scrivere la tesi e andare dal dentista? Naaaah :D ♥

  3. Ciao e grazie per essere passata da me!
    I tuoi propositi mi ricordano molto i miei: sono appena tornata in patria per una settimana, giusto per ricordare ai miei che esisto...Il tempo e' stato bello solo per due giorni, poi ha piovuto sempre, altro che sole e mare!!
    Ah,ho mangiato pasta,pane, focaccia e pizza fino a scoppiare.
    Io ho gia' votato da qui, via posta, attraverso il Consolato italiano in UK.Credo che tu possa fare lo stesso da li', ma se torni, fai benissimo ad andare a votare: it's a very BIG DEAL :)

    Quand'e' che passi per Londra? Io non sono proprio vicinissima, ma magari ci si puo' incontrare!