Monday, 22 August 2011

Terug naar België

.And so I've traded a French metropolis for Belgian countryside. I've come back to Belgium for a while, in order to work on and hand in my dissertation and internship report. The dissertation almost killed me, I wrote 31k words in two weeks time. The things you can do under pressure.
.These pictures were taken right after I handed in my dissertation and internship report (hence the devastated looks) in a field right beside my university. Louvain-la-Neuve is not really Paris.
.I miss Paris. I am considering moving back there for work, but work opportunities in France suck. I don't feel like being an exploited, under-paid intern until I am 30.
.I miss all of my friends I left in France. Some of them will soon come see me in Bruxelles, and some in Italy. I am happy to be able to spend time with my Belgian friends, though :)
.In September I'll be in Italy for at least a month, in order to remind my family they have a daughter :)
.In September I'll graduate, and I still do not know what to do. I am sure I won't embark in yet another year of studies, as many of my friends are doing. So I'm looking for a job, and for a flat or a studio. Not living with Quentin after two years we're used to living together will feel weird.
.If only weather in Belgium could be a little bit more merciful... I was glad I did not buy my last-minute ticket for Pukkelpop (buy from a friend, as tickets were sold out months ago!), but I am really sorry for the families of those who lost their lives during the storm. Some of my friends were there, and I was super worried for them; they came home full of scratches (and even a broken arm), but at least they've come home. It is absurd how something so nice as a festival can turn out so badly.
.I'll go back to my defense presentation now, I hope to finish my degree at least with a distinction!


  1. Good luck for your future Giules, Im pretty sure everything is gonna be great! xoxo

  2. Grazie per essere passata da noi! Ci piace il tuo blog, ti seguiamo! Un bacione Silvia e Chiara

  3. Giuly! Ma che belle foto.. che invidia.. posti stupendi!! **

    Pre <3