Friday, 26 August 2011

In my closet #2

All Primark. (Primark dress bought on eBay... I'm a sucker for Primark I guess)

Forever 21 shopper

H&M batwing pull bought with 20% off at the store opening in Rue Neuve

Forever 21. I love love love this necklace.

New Look

Random shop in Paris

Uniqlo flanel shirt. Oh Uniqlo I miss you so!

.The reason why I am now on a shopping diet. Any kind of shopping. I forbade myself ice cream and gaufres, too.
.This is the result of a month shopping. Partly true, as all the Primark stuff was bought yesterday in Liège.
.I don't know how much wear I'll get of this long skirt, but i lurrrved it and had to have it. Basically when we entered Primark I felt as if the shop was saying sorry for sucking the previous two times I had set foot in there. Luckily I behaved, because when I toured the shop for the first time I had ended up with two full baskets and some items in le boyfriend's.


  1. I love everything, you're so lucky 'cause you have Primark and Forever 21 :(

  2. che cose carine!!
    mi piacciono un sacco..
    le gonna lunga è bellissima..
    ne ho comprata una di ferrè arancione su fashionis. l'ho messa tutta l'estate!!

  3. I loooove Primark!!
    cute stuff in a great price =D