Saturday, 1 October 2011

I want to ride my bycicle

.Nothing can come in between us, since I came back. Me and my grandad's bike are inseparables. Quentin and I have taken a liking to long bike rides in the countryside, much like when in Belgium we take long strolls in the woods. Only here it's super sunny and still super warm, as if summer liked lingering and autumn was unusually lazy. It suits me alright, as we did not really have a summer this year. Last weekend we even went to the thermal swimming pool here in Abano Terme, gosh did it feel nice to have the sun warming my wet bones! Wonder how I'll convince myself to go back to living in rainy Brussels!
.To make the most of the soft heath and of the last sunbeams I like to wear my Brandy&Melville's divided skirt which I bought a couple of years ago, my New Look brogues and a sloppy tshirt. And I'm ready for new cycling adventures.

I was wearing:
Brandy & Melville divided skirt
New Look brogues
OVS t-shirt
Vintage sunglasses


  1. cute!

    xoxo from rome

  2. beautiful pics!


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