Wednesday, 5 October 2011

I'm a princess and this is my castle.



.Earlier today I drove Quentin to the airport; he flew back in Belgium, and I will join him in 10 days. I was looking at some of the pictures we shot while he was here, on one of the many bike-adventures we had. The pictures above are those of a castle some half an hour away from my home (by bike, that is)(some 10km?); it is a small castle dating back to the 10th century, which was built on the shores of a river that has now changed its path. It also hosts an archaeological museum with items from a time in which the Romans were not even around yet :) but my favourite things to look at when I come here are two 7th century pirogues that were found purely by chance underwater by two divers. When I was a child, like 6 years old, I once tried to crawl into one of those things (I don't know how I managed that, as the boats are both 9m long and 1m deep, carved into enormous tree trunks), but both my parents and the attendant scolded me so much that I did not want to set foot in the castle until I was in high school.
.It is still very warm in Italy, unusually warm even for us, hence the summer dress. I am obviously not complaining, since I did not really have a summer. Every Italian around me is not as happy as I am though! I really needed the heath and the sun; it feels amazing when the sun is warming my back, and there's a soft breeze and everything's just perfect! It almost makes me forget that real life (eg. finding a job and a flat) is rapidly catching up with me. Way too rapidly.
.This was one of my last real summerish outfits; I wore my beloved jersey and denim dress, paired with those Primark mocassins I've been practically living in (and trust me, it shows, poor fellows) and that Primark bag I am abusing of on a daily basis.
.Don't you like these pictures? They are like, the apotheosis of 'picturesque', are they not? With the Euganean hills and this lovely, soft shade of light...
.Well, I'm off to watch The Edge of Love, eat white grapes and drink my chamomile tea with tons of honey in it! Good night to you all!

The castle in the pictures is Castel San Martino della Vaneza, click here for more info.

I was wearing:
Scout denim and jersey dress
Primark loafers
Primark bag
Vintage sunglasses

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