Saturday, 29 October 2011

Week in pictures #1

.I should be preparing for tonight's pre-Halloween party at my lovely friend Tahnee's place, but I'm kind of K.O. at the moment. Hence I'm here indulging on tea, chocolates, blankets, chick flicks (Quentin's off to Bruges for tonight's match) hoping I will be able to at least stand up for tonight. But my limbs are aching etc. so I don't think I'll stand much of a chance. Darn it. I had come up with three fabulous costume ideas: Red Riding Hood (this would have given me an excuse to wear the white lace dress I'll probably end up getting married in and my beloved red velvety flats), Alice in Wonderland (a classic, I would finally get to wear that lovely 1940's Primark tea dress I bought on ebay and that looks just great while staring back at me from our dressing) or, and Quentin was hoping I'd go for this one, Amy Winehouse. Yes I never thought little Amy would do as a Halloween costume (aww Amy, my mom still sobs at the mention of her name), but Quentin is going as Pete Doherty (don't ask)(his alternative was putting on his -slightly smaller- brother's bunny costume) so yeah that would have made sense. Does make sense. I am talking as if I had already given up all hopes. It's not like I'm on my deathbed, it's just that I am a sucker for mindless self-indulgence.
.So this was basically my week in pictures. We bought a pumpkin (but you know this already don't you), it rained, it was sunny, we went for walks, I wore my skirt again, muffins, failed attempts at waterfall braids, we carved (another) pumpkin and walked and cuddled little Woods (as in Tiger Woods, brilliant name isn't it, guess who came up with it) and went to Ikea where we ate the infamous meatballs. And I went for a few job interviews, tho I obviously don't have photographic evidence of that!
.Have a lovely LONG weekend you all <3


  1. i love all the Autumn images, the shoes and leaves picture is lovely, new follower! :)

    ♥mollie from musicandmollie

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  3. Che belle, le tue foto mi sanno di caldo e accogliente, profumano di zenzero e camino.... <3

  4. @mollie thank you! i'm definitely checking out your blog, too!

    @caterina grazie anche a te!

    @sara era esattamente quello che cercavo di trasmettere con queste foto :) grazie! <3