Thursday, 27 October 2011

NafNaf Dusty Pink Peter Pan collar Blouse - Pink and Pumpkins : on the joys of Belgian autumn

 .I grabbed this Naf-Naf blouse with a 40% discount last week. I was super depressed after a fugly morning spent looking for a job, and when I came in sight of this dust pink shy beauty I did not even think. I literally grabbed it and headed for the changing rooms (where I paired it with this lovely skirt in camel and my preppy patent loafers for a full force dolly look) (now I wish I had bought the skirt, too) and then for the check out. And now it's myyyy precioussss ♫ I love the peter pan collar and the sheer material of the collar.
.I re-discovered Naf-Naf in Paris, after I had neglected it for years. I guess the brand changed, and I suppose I changed too. Now it's joined the top-4 of my heart for this winter, together with Lazzari, Benetton's new collections, and The Kooples. By the way, I was shocked at how much Benetton charges here in Belgium! A surprising 25-30E difference with Italy. I suppose taxes have to do with it (the economy genius that I am!), but it's an awful lot. I'll stock up on UCB goodies as soon as I'll go back to Italy for a few days. My cardi is Benetton, btw, an old one I had bought in high school! If this is not value for money!
.So we went pumpkin picking in view of Halloween. I've been baking/cooking pumpkin recipes for days - who knew there would be so much pumpkilicious potential in a 5kg pumpkin? After the gnocchis, the soup and the salted cake, today I'll shoot for the stars and try this fun cheesecake here, using speculoos biscuits instead of digestive ones as suggested in the recipe.
.An eventful week when it comes to stars sightseeing. I spotted Robert Pattinson yesterday (Ashley Greene is probably too small for long distances) and Steven Spielberg last Saturday in Brussels (who didn't!). As a foreigner (does it count for anything?) I don't participate (or get) all this fuss about the TinTin movie. Have you seen it yet?

I was wearing:
Benetton pearl cardigan,
Naf Naf blouse,
Primark jeggins,
Ray Ban glasses,
Thomas Sabo bracelet

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